This week’s featured author: Lynette Jones

Profile image for Dr. Lynette Jones

Lynette Jones, co-author of the book Human Hand Function and Curator of the Scholarpedia article Thermal Touch, is this week’s featured author. Be sure to check out the profile of her on Scholarpedia’s Main Page!

This week’s featured author: Sebastian Jessberger

Photo of Dr. Sebastian Jessberger

In collaboration with Dr. James B. Aimone and Dr. Fred H Gage, Dr. Jessberger wrote the Adult neurogenesis, describing “the process of generating new neurons which integrate into existing circuits after fetal and early postnatal development has ceased”. 

You can see Dr. Jessberger’s profile on the Scholarpedia Main Page.

New Scholarpedia Main Page layout!

I’m excited to announce that the Scholarpedia Main Page now has a new look!  From now on it will also feature images and snippets from newly published articles.

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