A couple small changes to Scholarpedia

We’re happy to announce two changes to the Scholarpedia interface.

Any of the article’s authors can publish it

We noticed that, after spending weeks writing collaborating and writing an article together, no member of the team of authors would ever do anything that would hurt their relationships with their coauthors. Thus, rather than restrict publication privileges to the article’s “established expert” (as decided by the article’s Sponsor(s)), as of now any of the article’s authors can choose to publish it, doing so in active consultation with the other writers of the article.

Authors choose Curator at time of publication

At time of publication, the publishing author [1] explicitly chooses who, from among the existing authors, becomes the article’s Curator. Of course, in order for the article to have been initially sponsored, a Sponsor needed to vouch for the fact that an established expert was among the authors. As with publication of the article itself, this is a move that will need to be made in close communication with the other authors of the article.

If you have any comments or thoughts on these changes, please feel free to comment here!

[1] That is, whoever among the authors performs the final act of publishing it.


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