Call for volunteers

Taxpayers pay billions of dollars for research. However, the findings from much of the resulting research are not accessible except to large universities and institutions that can afford to pay inordinate prices for publications from publishers such as Elsevier. Even in these cases, governments are paying not only to fund the research but then also to access the results from the research that they funded. This situation is unsustainable, inhibitive to scientific progress, and forces the public to have blind faith in the media’s accounts of scientific research because of expensive “paywalls”.

Most academic publishers make money either selling access to their articles or charging the authors. Scholarpedia doesn’t charge for either of these tasks. Therefore, we have to rely on volunteers for editorial activities, such as inviting and vetting reviewers and conversion from other formats (namely LaTeX) to our wiki-text format.

Are you willing to contribute? Even a couple of hours a month can help! We need more assistant editors and editors.

Assistant Editors

Graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to volunteer as assistant editors by emailing and / or Assistant editors do the following:

  • conversion of articles from LaTeX (and sometimes Word) to wiki-text,
  • helping authors with wiki-text markup, and
  • writing the featured author columns that appear on the main page.

There are also some programming projects that would be helpful in automating the publication process.

For more information, visit or contact us at the above email addresses.


A Scholarpedia editor is a well-known expert in his/her field who has made a commitment to develop a topic category within Scholarpedia. Editors will invite established experts to write new articles and help guide the publication of the article. Editors must have a Ph.D. or equivalent and a record of publications in their field. To volunteer, please submit your CV to Please mention whether you are interested in either the editor or assistant editor position.

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